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Features and Materials


We have carefully selected denim options to provide a choice of color and stretch level.  

Candiani JLC with best performance stretch.  Dark Indigo.  12oz weight.  Made in Italy

Candiani JLC


Candiani N-Pitch with best performance stretch.  Black.  12oz weight.  Made in Italy
Candiani N-Pitch


Cone W610 with some comfort stretch.  Dark Indigo.  11oz weight.  Made in the USA

Cone W610


Cone 1968 with limited stretch.  Dark Indigo.  13oz weight.  Made in the USA

Cone 1968


Kuroki with limited stretch.  Black with black undertone.  13oz weight.  Made in Japan.
Kuroki Black


Thread Color

Thread colors

Hardware Finish

Hardware Finishes

Leather Patch

Leather Patch


Back Pocket Design

Valor pocket design