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About Us

We're Brad and Trent, process-improvement engineers turned denim-heads. Over the last 18 years we’ve worked together to help a lot of different companies transform the way they make their products. Now, we’re launching a company of our own.

We’ve both always had trouble finding jeans that fit us well—and that looked like something we’d actually want to wear. And we’ve talked with a lot of people about their jeans—most have six or seven pairs in their closet and not one fits really well. 

The problem today is that traditional retail and online store models are flawed, in that they’re built to offer only standardized products that don’t fit anyone as well they could. That’s why virtually everyone we know struggles to find jeans they really love to wear. 

But then it hit us: we could solve that problem. 

We realized we could leverage our experience innovating production processes to put the customer at the center of the process—to provide exactly what they want, when they want it—to create high-quality jeans as unique as the person wearing them. We believed that with the right process and technology, we could cut and sew every custom pair to order—much faster and more affordably than how premium jeans are made today.

So Valor Custom Denim was born. Our goal is to change the way premium jeans are designed, purchased and manufactured forever—one person at a time, one pair at a time, right here in America—to produce high-quality, premium custom jeans that fit exceptionally well.